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Pre-Trial Officer I - Department of Court Services

Description :

General Division
824 S. Martin Luther King Boulevard,
Hamilton, Ohio  45011


FLSA STATUS:                     Non-Exempt           EMPLOYMENT STATUS:   Full
CIVIL SERVICE STATUS:  Unclassified        WORK SCHEDULE: 7.5 hours daily
REPORTS TO:                      Division Manager   Schedule determined by Manager
SALARY:  $40,000 to $60,300 annually ($20.51per hour to $30.92 per hour)


Under the general supervision of the Director of the Department of Court Services, supervises persons placed on Pre-Trial Release; conducts required investigations; and may be assigned other special duties by the Director of Court Services 



Supervises defendants released according to supervision standards and approved policy; implements and monitors conditions of release as ordered by the Court to insure compliance. 


Conducts Pre-Trial Investigations utilizing the screening interview assessment instrument and other investigations as assigned by the Court or by the Director of Court Services; makes appropriate recommendations to the Court as to release, referral to specialty court programs, and/or bond.  


Notifies the Court of pre-trial release violators; initiates and follows through with revocation proceedings. 


  • May be assigned special duties by the Court or Director
  • Complete courses as assigned in the Department of Court Services self-defense and arrest   procedures. 
  • Create an open, orderly and professional work area, maintain forms, files and records in an organized manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality in regards to cases pending in Common Pleas Court and refrain from discussion of any court related matters by any means of communication including social media.
  • Become certified to perform the Ohio Risk Assessment (ORAS) prior to the completion of your probationary period. 
  • Perform all other duties as deemed necessary by appointing authority or their designee.  


B.A. or B.S. Degree in Corrections, Social Work, Criminal Justice or related field.  Prior experience and education in Law Enforcement or related field may be considered. 


Must have and maintain a valid Ohio driver’s license and satisfactory driving record. 


Exposure to general office chemicals; possible contact with potentially violent or emotionally distraught persons; exposure to threatening situations; work in the proximity of use of firearms; potentially vicious animals in the community; or handle urine and exposure to bodily fluids. 


In completing the duties and responsibilities of this position, the Court expects the incumbent will adhere to all Court policies, guidelines, practices and procedures; be conscientious about meeting Court productivity standards, communicate regularly with supervisor or manager about Court issues; model high ethical conduct on and off the job, exhibit a professional and respectful demeanor with all Court employees, the public, defendants or other persons whom we come in contact with.

This position description in no manner states or implies that these are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed by the position incumbent.  The incumbent will be required to follow the instructions and perform the duties required by the incumbent’s supervisor, appointing authority or designee. 

My signature below signifies that I have reviewed and understand the contents of my position description.  I am aware of the requirements of my position, and will perform to the best of my ability the job duties and requirements specified in this position description. 

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Contact :


POSITION TITLE:            Pre-Trial Officer I

JOB LOCATION:             824 S. Martin Luther King Boulevard Hamilton, Ohio 45011

SALARY RANGE:             
$40,000 TO $60,300 Annually
                                                     ($20.51 to $30.92 an hour)

DATE:                                      11/19/2021 through 12/10/2021

APPROVED BY:                Wayne G. Gilkison, Court Administrator

I. Job Function and Summary - See job description 

II. Minimum Qualifications 

A. Education, Experience and Training 

  1. Bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university with major course work in Criminal Justice, Corrections, Social Work or related field preferred.
  2. Prior experience in Law Enforcement or related field may be considered.
  3. Experience in operation of computers and related equipment preferred.

B. Knowledge and Skills 

  1. Knowledge of the principals of community corrections.
  2. Knowledge of the principals, methods, techniques and practices of probation casework.
  3. Knowledge of the psychological concepts of behavior, social adjustment and emotional stability.
  4. Knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations related to probation.
  5. Skills to collect, compile, review and evaluate information and prepare reports.
  6. Skill to effectively interview and counsel offenders and to provide liaison between offenders and other entities.
  7. Skill to conduct probation investigations and report the results accurately and impartially.
  8. Skill in public address.
  9. Skill to communicate ideas and instructions clearly and concisely.
  10. Skill to coordinate with other staff, departments, officials, agencies, organizations and the public.


III          Additional Requirements With or Without Reasonable Accommodation 

      A. Ability to climb stairs, walk, stand, sit, kneel, push, stoop, reach above the shoulder, grasp, pull, bend repeatedly, identify colors, hear with aid, see, write, count, speak, analyze, alphabetize, lift and carry under 15 lbs., perceive depth, operate a motor vehicle, operate motor equipment and use of firearms.

     B. Conditions include working inside, working around machines with moving parts and moving objects, radiant and electrical energy, chemicals used for urinalysis, working closely with others, working alone, working protracted or irregular hours, and traveling by car, van, bus or airplane. 

     C. Equipment (machines, tools and devices) used in performing only the essential functions include computer and related equipment, typewriter, calculator, copier, fax machine, urinalysis equipment, telephone and automobile.


IV        Application Process 

Submit a departmental application; which may be obtained on the Butler County Common Pleas Court website (www.bccommonpleas.org). The application is located under the employment opportunities tab.  

You may also mail a detailed resume’, completed application, along with cover letter to: 

                        Wayne Gilkison
                        Government Services Center, 3rd Floor
                        315 High Street
                        Hamilton, Ohio 45011


                        Wayne G. Gilkison
                        Butler County Department of Court Services
                        824 S. MLK Boulevard
                        Hamilton, Ohio 45011
                        (513) 785-5851 

***All applications submitted via the postal service must be post marked by the closing date***


Deadline for Applying : Dec 10, 2021 04:30 PM