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The Butler County Court of Common Pleas currently incorporates four Specialty Courts: SAMI Court, C.D.A.T (Drug Court), the FNS Docket and the Veterans Treatment Court (VTC). These Courts are designed to not only identify specific offender needs, but will assist the offender in a continued growth to become a productive member of society. While issues of substance abuse, mental illness, and the collection of court ordered child support will be addressed, these Courts also serve the community in an attempt to reduce recidivism. The Specialty Courts work as a collaborative effort between the Judges, Magistrates, the Adult Probation Department, Job and Family Services, the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), Community Behavioral Health/Mental Health Services, Sojourner Recovery Services, and the Serenity Hall. The Courts additionally collaborate with The Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist, a representative from the veterans Service Commission and the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Project Case Manager.


Contact Information for Specialty Courts
SAMI Court, Felony Non-Support Court, Drug Court and Veterans Treatment Court

Kristen Plieninger, Manager of Court Administration
Phone: 513-785-5721
Fax: 513-785-6368

Diana Newton, Specialty Courts Coordinator
Phone:  (513)785-5772
Fax:       (513)785-5719

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